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Thread: Remove Computer RAM came with

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    Remove Computer RAM came with

    I am having a computer since last 3 years back & is facing a problem with it.... I don't know what might be the problem must be... But somebody told me to check RAM on some one else computer for it... So i wanted to know how to remove RAM....????

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    Re: Remove Computer RAM came with

    I will ask you if you have enough knowledge of Hardware then don't even try touch or open the case as if a minor mistake can make your computer more damage... So i am not telling the procedure to remove the the RAM...!

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    Re: Remove Computer RAM came with

    Yes the above person is right so i will ask you to go to call the hardware person for looking upon the error you might be getting so i will ask you go to the nearest service center & ask for the repair of your computer...!

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    Re: Remove Computer RAM came with

    The following is the procedure for Remove the RAM from CPU....!

    1. Firstly close the computer & remove all the electrical cord connected to it...!
    2. Then unscrew the CPU & open the CPU case...!
    3. Then make the CPU sleep down where you can see the motherboard from upwards...
    4. Then find out the Flat stick in your computer which might be two inch wide...
    5. After finding it see & open the notches at both the end of its...
    6. Then remove it gently...

    I hope you find out how to remove it....!

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