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Thread: What is the diffrence between AMD and Intel processors

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    What is the diffrence between AMD and Intel processors

    I am planning to buy a new system for myself but most of the time i will be using my computer for watching movies, download music and play games and at the same time i will also use it for basics things like surfing the net and writing papers. When i ask friends about it some told me to buy Intel Processor and some told me to go for AMD processor. Can anyone provide me some information about both these processors.

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    Diffrence between AMD and Intel processors

    If you are gamer and love to play games then i would suggest you to go for AMD processor because they have better floating point units and at the same time AMD chipsets do not use a MegaHertz rating for speed because they believe doing so would make their chips seem slower than their Intel counterparts. This is due to the difference in instruction set handling that AMD uses, and is too technical to really get into here.

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    Diffrence between AMD and Intel processors

    Intel and AMD are the two giants grappling for the best processor. AMD is a killer when it comes to gaming and cheaper than INTEL while INTEL is a multi tasking processor but more expensive than AMD. AMD runs cooler than INTEL so it gives a less power consumption than INTEL. Although their respective products perform the same tasks, they do so in markedly different ways. Intel processors on Intel motherboards yield more stable and longer lasting systems. All of the AMD systems I've built have succumbed to motherboard failure and one even caught fire when a capacitor leaked.

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    What is the diffrence between AMD and Intel processors

    If see from all point of view then both have superb performance both makers of chips are great and levels of performance are pretty square across the board. The main difference you will get is of price and at the same time the difference is in the way that they process data. Intel does lots of little packets very quickly and AMD does large packets quickly and AMD got it's start by reverse-engineering the Intel chips and then making their own. that means they 'picked apart' Intel chips, and came up with different ways to do the same thing that Intel chips do.

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