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Thread: How to upgrade Dell D800 BIOS to M60 BIOS

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    How to upgrade Dell D800 BIOS to M60 BIOS

    Hello Friends,

    I would like to know that how to upgrade Dell D800 BIOS to M60 BIOS? Is it possible for me to do so. Does any body have any idea about it? Kindly provide me the correct information and solution for the above issue. Would be grateful to you if any body helps me out.

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    Re: How to upgrade Dell D800 BIOS to M60 BIOS

    The Latitude D800 is a widescreen "desktop replacement" 10lb notebook. Due to the hardware similarities, it is essentially similar to the Dell Precision M60 Notebook. BIOS on your Dell makes all the components of your computer function together. Upgrading your Dell D800 BIOS to an M60 BIOS can be risky but it can be done. The advantage of upgrading the D800 BIOS to the M60 BIOS is that it allows you to reach faster memory speeds.

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    Re: How to upgrade Dell D800 BIOS to M60 BIOS

    It is a newer version of the chipset and support for it was added in drivers, i.e. it doesn't work with older drivers which is why it doesn't work with the driver that supports the 570x. In order to upgrade Dell D800 BIOS to M60 BIOS, you need to follow the below steps mention.

    1) Back up or copy your BIOS. You may write down the settings or use print-screen so that you will have a written copy. Back up your current BIOS image, as well, by using a utility such as to do this.

    2) Determine what version of BIOS you need. Check the version of the Precision M60 BIOS in Dell's website.

    3) Download the Dell software and BIOS. The file is named M60_A09.exe.

    4) Run the executable file that you downloaded. Run M60_A09.exe once finished. Now if this is successful, it will prompt you to update your BIOS. If not, it will say that the hardware is unsupported, meaning you don't have an M60 motherboard.

    5) Power cycle your computer by powering it down completely, then switch it on again.

    6) Clear your current settings. As your PC powers up, go into your BIOS settings. Find the option to either "Restore Defaults" or "Load Fail-Safe Defaults." This will either be on the main page or the last page of a tabbed menu. Navigate using the arrow keys, and follow all the on-screen instructions. If done, save your new settings and then exit the BIOS.

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    Re: How to upgrade Dell D800 BIOS to M60 BIOS

    You can check the exact chipset which you can find it on the Dell support website for your laptop. Dell offers updates based on your model or serial number. Downloading your BIOS straight from Dell will ensure you get the correct version with no guess work or virus risks.

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