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Thread: P5Q-E not detected with eSATA

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    P5Q-E not detected with eSATA

    I have P5Q-E motherboard and eSATA cable attachment. I've plugged eSATA cable to the back of the motherboard and an external hard-drive and when I turn on my eSATA drive which is connected to the back eSATA port, it doesn't detect P5Q-E.

    Can anyone help !!!

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    Re: P5Q-E not detected with eSATA

    The P5Q-E motherboard is very sensitive to the lengths of the SATA that connect to the Intel controller.

    If you use the (supplied) 1-foot cable you should be able to connect well without any problem. But if a hard-disk requires a 2-foot or longer cable, then hard-disk may not work properly and may cause the system to freeze, or bootup (and shutdown) to freeze/fail.

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    Re: P5Q-E not detected with eSATA

    You need to enable Marvell controller in your BIOS. It refers as the Marvell IDE controller but the same setting enables or disables the back panel eSATA port as well. The Marvell drivers should also be installed. With the device enabled and the driver installed, your eSATA drive should be seen.

    Long cables (2-meters) work very well using the Marvell SATA ports. I used to use the long cables with my previous Asus mobo (a P5B-Deluxe) which worked really well.

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    Re: P5Q-E not detected with eSATA

    Try installing the eSata driver from the motherboard cd.

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