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Thread: Msi s478 memory compatibility list

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    Msi s478 memory compatibility list

    am having MSI S478 motherboard on my pc currently i am having 512mb memory ram on my it so but i am looking to upgrade it to 2gb so can any one suggest me better memory compatibility list so that it will help me to choose better ?
    thank you .

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    Re: Msi s478 memory compatibility list

    Intel S478 Motherboard is Intel S478 (KD848PMBLPAK10) Motherboard
    Enable Solid Desktop Performance with the Intel Desktop Board D848PMB, featuring an 800MHz FSB, single-channel DDR400 memory support, AGP 8X graphics interface, and SATA150 hard drive support. Positioned for the value conscious mainstream customer looking to enjoy the benefits of Hyper-Threading Technology.

    • DDR: SDRAM
    • Number of Memory Slots: 2 x 184 Pin DIMMs
    • Supported RAM speeds : 400 MHz • 333 MHz • 266 MHz
    • Max Supported RAM : 2 GB

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    Re: Msi s478 memory compatibility list

    MSI S478 Intel 945GC is with DDR2 support .It has Two DDR channels which are Unbuffered with maximum Supported Size of 4 GB

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