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Thread: Computer wont start due to BIOS settings

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    Computer wont start due to BIOS settings

    Hey Guys!
    I have Installed Windows 7 in my computer and i wanted my computer to work a bit faster for Windows 7. So i went in the BIOS and overclocked the processor speed to 4Ghz. Now computer doesn't start...! Help guys!

    My Specs :
    Intel Core2Duo 2.66Ghz
    Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L
    3 GB DDR2
    160GB SATA + 80GB IDE

    Can anyone help me..! Thanks...

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    Re: Computer wont start due to BIOS settings


    Well first : ok! Well how can you overlock your processor to run at 4Ghz? That is insane, you almost tried to double the speed..! Pray that your motherboard or processor has not blown out...! Well try to reset bios settings by disconnecting the computer from power supply then remove the battery. After sometime insert the battery again and power your computer. If no hardware has failed your computer will boot...! All the best! Once again

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    Re: Computer wont start due to BIOS settings

    Quote Originally Posted by Fame factor View Post

    Well first : ok! Once again

    Now are you going to really help me or give stupid and useless tips?? The first thing that i tried after the computer stopped working was removing battery to reset the settings. But that didn't help too.. Any other help!? help guys! I even tried removing the battery and tried the new battery, i tried removing the RAM so that i could hear the beeps but nothing seems to work! Help!

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    Re: Computer wont start due to BIOS settings

    Well the thing you did is really worth laughing! The solution :
    • Disconnect power source.
    • Remove battery
    • Remove the jumper near the battery and plug it in the other position. [if it was connecting pin 1 and 2, connect it to 2 and 3]
    • Plug in the battery
    • Connect the power cable and start the computer
    • Done! Once the computer starts and you get display, turn of and plug the jumper in the original position.

    All the best...!

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