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Thread: Processor Fan makes noise

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    Processor Fan makes noise

    I have a Intel Pentium 4 Processor,915 gev Mother board 3gb ram.... at the beginning my CPU was running smoothly.Now a days I am facing a problem of that noise in the Processor fan. Can anyone tell whats the problem Plzzzzz............
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    Re: Processor Fan makes noise

    Lookout for any dust settled in the fan.

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    Re: Processor Fan makes noise

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    Re: Processor Fan makes noise

    There's some things you can do, not so much to quieten the fan, but reduce it's load so it don't need to run so fast.

    Get a can of compressed air and a fairly stiff artist's paintbrush - about 1/2" brush will do nicely.

    Where the fan sits on top of the CPU heatsink, it's usually held in by 4 screws - one in each corner going into the vanes below it. Unscrew and remove the fan, taking care not to drop the screws.

    With the compressed air and the paintbrush, remove all traces of dust from between the heatsink vanes. Using same, remove all dust from the rest of the PC insides - careful around the component's legs, but do them too. Don't forget to clean the fan blades, they can be temporarily jammed with a matchstick/screwdriver/small child to stop the blades moving while brushing.

    Dust acts just like the lagging in a loft, keeping warmth in and stopping air circulation. No air = hot components = high fan speeds making lots of noise.

    To oil a fan, you don't usually need to dismantle it, just carefully remove the sticky label, mounted on the hub on one side. There might be a plastic/rubber disc underneath to keep dust out the bearings, carefully pry it out. Drip in approx 1/4 drop of light oil (3 in 1 or equivalent). Replace dust disc (if present) and stick the label back on.

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    Re: Processor Fan makes noise

    Maybe time for a new Heatsink also.

    It could be the clips on the heatsing are loose and allowing the heatsink to vibrate.My advice is don't use the system until you have got the problem sorted!

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    Re: Processor Fan makes noise

    thanks a lot for replies ............

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    Re: Processor Fan makes noise

    i have the same problem with fan noise. Sometimes when the CPU heated up fan become faster and noise is louder. In my position i think it is something to do with the heatsink structure. If the air move fast along the ribs of the heatsink it cause it to vibrate and make noise. It's like mouth whistle

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