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Thread: GPU, vertex, pixel and primitive

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    GPU, vertex, pixel and primitive


    I would like to have a little more information on three concepts GPU: am getting very confused in bifurcating the things out there,What is the difference between a vertex, pixel and a primitive ?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: GPU, vertex, pixel and primitive

    The GPUs are also significantly more effective than CPUs when it comes to display and 3D rendering, despite the great differences in the frequencies of operation. This is because a CPU is expected to perform all sorts of different tasks, while a GPU is a processor optimized for 3D.

    And it would be very difficult to find out the vertex for the pixels count for you in the GPU. I recommend you not to go for that side as you are not well aware of it.

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    Re: GPU, vertex, pixel and primitive

    Okay, and a processor hybrid (half distance between CPU and GPU) as a PS3 that works wonders:
    "31,000 PS3s were responsible for 3 times more TeraFLOPS than 163,000 Windows PCs in the Folding @ home project.

    Is this the way for PROCOS in the future?

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    Re: GPU, vertex, pixel and primitive

    The CELL, the CPU of the PS3 is a special case.
    Indeed, it has a power "raw" more important than an ordinary CPU.
    However, the code and instructions above must be optimized for this system, either in development, as in the compiler.
    So of course, the CELL is very powerful, but no possibility of interoperability.

    For my image, see the CELL as a race car and CPU "standards" as 4x4. The race car going very fast on a circuit, but impossible to drive a F1 on a muddy trail. In return, on a circuit, it pulverizes performance.
    In contrast, the 4x4 might as well go on a trail than on a circuit.

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    Re: GPU, vertex, pixel and primitive

    And we must not forget the time control of a CPU (or a GPU for that matter)! Let me explain with an example:

    See the world of game consoles, they emerge on the market, according to the manufacturers, it remains between 3 and 6 years.

    Well knowing that their hardware does not change in the time between the games coming out at the beginning of life and those emerging at the end of life is the day and night!
    Yet it is always the same CPU and GPU ...

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