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Thread: CPU-Z Reading for Memory

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    CPU-Z Reading for Memory

    i have Q6700 @ 3.5 Stable
    Motherboard XfX 790i Ultra
    GeForce 8800 GTX OC
    Corsair Memory 2 GB
    I ran CPU-Z on my computer and it says 400 mhz for the memory speed, but my RAM is 800 mhz RAM. DRAM Frequency is 800mhz Isn't that really slow?Any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: CPU-Z Reading for Memory

    my guess is that the the PC is just about idle, thus the speedstep technology steps in to reduce power consumption (and heat dissapation). if you don't want this to happen you'll need to change the C1E setting in the BIOS of your motherboard.

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    Re: CPU-Z Reading for Memory

    Maybe your board doesn't properly support that CPU.

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    Re: CPU-Z Reading for Memory

    which does not mean that the CPUs won't operate at the increased speed, just that ESXi sees the CPU at the speed at which it was designed to operate, not the speed at which you're operating it. You still may get the improved CPU speed out of it.

    Also, many modern operating systems ignore many of the BIOS settings altogether. For example, we have systems where we've disabled the IDE controller in the BIOS, but in Windows 2000 or Linux, it still shows up. Back in the days when BIOSes had 4GB hard drive size limitations, this was very helpful if you had a larger hard drive, as you could put your Linux /boot partition within the first 4GB, boot Linux, and still see the rest of the disk once Linux was up and running. All that to say that operating systems don't always pay attention to the BIOS settings, and sometimes there's a good reason for it.

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