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Thread: Problem with ASUS Rampage Extreme

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    Problem with ASUS Rampage Extreme

    I am using Boreas chiller so no queries regarding heating of the processor.
    I changed the setting in the bios making the ram at 1800Mhz 7-7-7- 2.0v and I made the cpu 450fsb x 8 vcore at 1.3425. It provided a perfect boot. I tried with 450fsb x 10 and made voltage upto 1.3625v and thus saved it and made computer reboot, but it reboots and stays off?

    Please provide some assistance regarding this problem

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Problem with ASUS Rampage Extreme

    Is your CPU installed? And is the 4pin power connector for the CPU hooked up to the motherboard?

    Every computer requires a CPU, video card, and RAM in order to POST. If you have that much together, read on.

    Does the system give any beep codes? Did you have another video card in that system that worked? If that's the case then if could be the card.

    If the system does not beep, make sure the 4 pin 12v power cable is inserted to the 12v 4 pin connection near the CPU. The CPU requires that in order to boot. If your power supply does not have the proper cable on it, you will need to get a newer power supply. It looks similar to the motherboard power cable but only has 4 pins

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    Re: Problem with ASUS Rampage Extreme

    1.36v is not enough juice to run 4.5ghz, I believe you need over 1.40ish to get it going. You might have to tweaks the other voltages as well (pll, vtt, nb and gtl).

    clear cmos and start over again by increase FSB with small increments with small voltages increasing as well, don't jump the gun as the short cut like you did. OC takes a lot of patient and effort.

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    Re: Problem with ASUS Rampage Extreme

    Yeah maybe simply it was faulty mobo and it was working on its last legs.... And when you tried to push it just went NO NO and died. I guess if none above have worked for you the only way is to RMA the board ( of course if you can you may try to fit the rest of the equipment onto a differnt board just to have 100% sureness)

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    Re: Problem with ASUS Rampage Extreme

    What did you have before, when your system was working?
    Is your case and psu atx compliant?
    Does your system work properly when you have successfully booted to windows 98?
    Provide as much info as possible, as right now there are just too many variables to draw any reasonable conclusions.:confused:

    One last thing, if you have made such a significant change to your hardware, then I would hope that you also reinstalled win98 and all your software. Its not a good idea to just use your existing installation.

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