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Thread: Kingston Showcased 24GB DDR3 ValueRAM with Intel i7

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    Kingston Showcased 24GB DDR3 ValueRAM with Intel i7

    Kingston Technology Europe Ltd, a subsidiary of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., a worldwide leading provider of memory products, announced recently a demonstration concerning a desktop PC that has been set up with six 4GB DDR3 ValueRAM modules, totaling an impressive 24GB of memory. The system the demonstration has been made on also includes a Gigabyte GA-EX58 UD5 motherboard, as well as an Intel 920 Core i7 CPU, and an NVIDIA graphics solution.

    According to Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager of Kingston Technology, each virtual machine was allocated with 2GB of memory space and they only utilized 21GB with still around 3GB left for other running applications. Powered by Intel 920 Core i7 CPU and further supported by NVIDIA graphics solution, the impressive performance will definitely exceed what is needed by real applications in both office and home environment.

    As expected, the solution is not cheap at all. At a price of $2000 for all the DDR3 memory solution, it is too high to be affordable even for enterprise users with no real life usage requirement. Anyway, it is good as a marketing tool to attract media and users to continue push its next generation products to market space.
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    Re: Kingston Showcased 24GB DDR3 ValueRAM with Intel i7

    The company's award-winning Kingston ValueRAM memory solutions have been developed with both end user and system integrator in mind. They are meant to meet industry standard specifications, while also being able to provide high quality and impressive performance to leverage the user experience. In addition, the memory modules can also prove a great option for those who want to use 100-percent-tested products that meet all industry specifications.

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    Re: Kingston Showcased 24GB DDR3 ValueRAM with Intel i7

    The video published by Kingston Technology Europe Ltd shows how the system does not use the whole amount of memory installed on it, but only about 21GB of DDR3. And even with all those virtual machines opened, the game was still running nicely on the last instance of VM, which is more than impressive. Take a look at the video below to see how fast and smooth the system featuring the DDR3 ValueRAM modules runs.

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