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Thread: Difference between DDR2 and DDR3

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    Difference between DDR2 and DDR3

    Hello Experts,
    I am upgrading a PC However, I have a hard time finding out what it is which constitutes the speed of a PC.

    1. What is the difference between DDR2 and DDR3?
    2. How much did MHz on the motherboard, RAM and processor to say, they fit together and be as high as possible?
    3. How much did a hard drive to say, 10,000 rpm or 7200 rpm?

    I have chosen to create a new SPM as this is more a general information I seek.

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    Re: Difference between DDR2 and DDR3

    • Operate at 400MHz to 800MHz.
    • operates at 1.8V
    • 4 internal banks used
    • based on “T branches” conventional topology
    • (OCD) off-chip driver calibration
    • can not deal with termination impedance
    • popular in industry.
    • No Thermal Sensor


    • Operate at 800MHz to 1666 MHz. This will reduce read and write time to just half of the DDR2 memory.
    • operates at 1.5V
    • 8 internal banks used
    • initialization process uses new Mode Registers (MRS) are re-engineered for quicker configuration of the memory system.
    • based on “Fly-by” topology
    • Self calibration with automatic leveling circuit
    • can deal with termination impedances
    • It will take time to be as mainstream memory
    • Optional Thermal sensor

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    Re: Difference between DDR2 and DDR3

    On the appearance, both DDR3 and DDR2 use 240 pins and you can hardly see any differences between them. The only difference is the position of the key notch that prevents users from inserting the wrong type of RAM into their motherboards. The shift in the position of the key notch also means that DDR3 is not compatible with DDR2 and a separate DIMM slot has to be used.

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    Re: Difference between DDR2 and DDR3

    A point that requires attention and that brings DDR2 RAM back to the game is the price of the DDR3 RAM. A 1GB DDR3 1066MHz RAM is currently selling at over $200, which is double the price of a 1GB DDR2 1066MHz RAM. While there is no significant improvement of the DDR3-1066 RAM over DDR2-1066 RAM, there really isn’t any compelling reason to upgrade your current DDR2 RAM.

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