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Thread: FLashing Bios of Abit AN8 Motherboard From Floppy Drive

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    FLashing Bios of Abit AN8 Motherboard From Floppy Drive

    hi there.

    I have bought an Abit AN8 motherboard and I need to upgrade the bios section of it. The problem starts from here as the instructions is requiring a floppy drive to carry this procedure. I have never tried once with Floppy drive:

    Can anyone help me in this?

    Your reply will be appreciated

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    Re: FLashing Bios of Abit AN8 Motherboard From Floppy Drive

    you could either use abits windows flash program or load the bios on a thumb drive and boot off of it. google bootable flash drive for info. your mb bios would have to support that however.

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    Re: FLashing Bios of Abit AN8 Motherboard From Floppy Drive

    HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - v2.1.8

    • Use the above hp program to format a usb flash drive.
    • Download the awdflash.exe files along with whatever bios you intend to flash with on to the drive.
    • Go into your bios and make sure you make it so it loads USB drive first.
    • at the prompt enter in 'awdflash.exe whateverbiosfilename'
    • It should give you the option to back up your current one first then just follow the procedure. Clear CMOS after flash.

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    Re: FLashing Bios of Abit AN8 Motherboard From Floppy Drive

    ABIT uses the standard Phoenix Award BIOS found on many motherboards today with a few modifications. The first modification is the inclusion of a uGuru tab in the BIOS. The CPU Operating Speed section of uGuru gives you a lot of overclocking options. Here you can change the FSB speed (from 200-410), the CPU multiplier (from 4x to 12x on a 4000+ (default is 12x), and the PCI Express frequency (from 100-145).

    The voltage options area gives the user the option of changing the CPU core voltage (from 1.5-1.85 in 0.025 increments), the DDR SDRAM voltage (from 2.6V-3.4V in 0.05 increments), the DDR VTT voltage (from DDR voltage/2 to 1.75 in 0.05 increments), the North Bridge voltage (from 1.50V to 1.8V in 0.05 increments) and the HyperTransport Voltage (from 1.2V-1.5V in 0.05 increments. DDR and CPU reference voltage can be set to + or - 60V in 10V increments.

    The ABIT EQ menu gives you a ton of information on the motherboard at any given time. From here you can monitor whether to beep if a warning is required, temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds. The temperature of the Athlon 64 4000+ on this board is about 53C, not very hot in my opinion. It also measures the System and PWM temperatures. EQ gives voltage readings of the CPU, DDR, DDR VTT, nForce4 Voltage, nForce4 Standby Voltage, HyperTransport Voltage, CPU VDDA 2.5V Voltage, ATX +12V, ATX +5V, ATX +3.3V and ATX 5VSB.

    ABIT included a floppy disk with the needed SATA driver on the disk, which really helps when you are in the middle of a Windows installation. After installing a fresh copy of Windows XP with SP2, I inserted the driver CD and installed the nForce4 drivers. For purposes of the review I used NVIDIA's latest nForce4 Forceware drivers. Compatibility testing was done with two XFX 7800GTX cards, a X800XT PCI Express card from ATI and a S3 Gammachrome S18 card without problems. Overall, this was a very good experience.

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    Re: FLashing Bios of Abit AN8 Motherboard From Floppy Drive

    Create a bootable floppy disk
    2. Copy awdflash & the bin file (in your case an8_20.bin) to the floppy.
    3. Boot from floppy
    4. In the A:\ promt type awdflash an8_20.bin /py /sn /cc

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