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Thread: Bad bios checksum

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    Bad bios checksum


    after you format a computer I was paying to the drivers. I was asked to reboot and then it rebooted itself. When computer restarts the error "Bad bios checksum" shows and began to seek alternate between the CD and floppy with a file which can do a bios update.

    Then off thinking it is a temporary malfunction. But shortly after I turn the computer, while being fed (the LED on the mother is on sk), to remain fixed on a nice black screen without giving the slightest sign of life.

    I decided then to try to reset the bios but nothing changes, I try to reset the bios and disconnect the battery for an hour but nothing this time.

    I also tried to replace the RAM but nothing ... other ideas? (the mobo is an Asus P5PE-VM)

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    Re: Bad bios checksum

    Hello, if the bios is mounted, try (after removing the battery) to remove it and put it back. It would not be the first time that a MB again after having pushed well into the IC of the bios.

    Otherwise, before you change it, get an bios on floppy or cd. OK maybe even a pen drive.

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    Re: Bad bios checksum

    Go into the BIOS and set it to its default settings, then reconfigure it. (You should do this AFTER you flash a BIOS).

    And / or replace the CMOS battery. It maybe not be working.

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    Re: Bad bios checksum

    I have tried every possible alternative but I can't even get into the bios I tried everything my keyboard, mouse won't work but the cd-rom tray opens and closes and the power button works thats about it I want to order a new chip but the asus site is so tied up I can get on the home page but thats about it do you guys have a web site in mind were I can order a bios chip.

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