"At the start what should be the last version of the Xeon processor based on Core 2 architecture, model X3380 with 3.16 GHz clock"

Intel is preparing the debut of the first versions of the Xeon processor-based architecture known as the code name of Nehalem, but before the launch of these cpu will present a new version of the Xeon processor based on Yorkfield architecture.

We talk about the CPU Xeon X3380, with a clock frequency of 3.16 GHz and an L2 cache of 12 Mbytes, divided into two blocks of 6 Mbytes each coupled to a pair of cores.

Remains unchanged then the architectural framework, which sees the use of two dual core processors side by side on the same package and are connected with each other through front side bus. The frequency of this component is equal to 1333 MHz

This processor will be offered during the first quarter of 2009 at a price of 26,000/- INR and the Xeon processor X3370 with specifications similar clock frequency of 3 GHz, has seen its price fall from 26,00 prior to the current $ 15,500/- INR at the Intel price cuts of 18 January.