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Thread: Information about adding a memory.

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    Information about adding a memory.

    Is there any way of getting information about motherboard that up to what extend can its memory increased in one slot? I would also to know about the speed of a memory and where do i get in the computer?

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    Re: Information about adding a memory.

    It depend lots on your applications and operating systems. Any system requirements grow at a steady pace, there is really no definite answer to this question. But here are a few guidelines that will help you decide what's the optimal amount of RAM for your machine:

    * Windows 9x/ME - The sweet spot for Windows 9x is 128MB. If you upgrade from 16 or 32MB to 128MB, you'll get your money's worth. But upgrading to more than 128MB will yield only a marginal performance increase
    * Windows NT/2000 - Windows NT and Windows 2000 address memory differently than Windows 9x/ME and take much better advantage of higher amounts of memory - the more RAM you throw at it, the merrier. To get decent performance out of NT/Win2K, you should have at least 128MB, preferably 256MB

    Remember that memory is cheap (at least right now), so be generous. Memory would be the wrong place to cut corners.

    To find out what OS and how much RAM you currently have, go to Start / Settings / Control Panel / System / General. The amount of memory will be indicated in KiloBytes (KB), so you'll need to divide that number by 1024 to get the amount of MegaBytes (MB) since one MB equals 1024 KB.

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    Re: Information about adding a memory.

    Hey while adding a new memory to your system, always check out the frequency level that's the speed of your computer. For that you need to take out your memory from the motherboard, and on it you will see the frequency something like this 333 MHz. You should add the memory of the same frequency otherwise you might have problem while working on it. It will not allow you to work as the frequency level of the memory are different.
    So check out your old memory before getting the new one into your system.

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