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Thread: SSD to 512GB, we think Toshiba

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    SSD to 512GB, we think Toshiba

    "On the occasion of CES, the Japanese manufacturer announced for the fair will be a flash memory drive that can store up to 512GB"

    When it comes to SSD is thought to drive usually developed a design with 2.5 ", characterized by performance velocity above average, especially as access times, but limited storage capacity. The high cost of memory chips has always forced producers to present solutions from 64 up to 128GB, already in many of these cases, with the excess cost.

    Toshiba, known Japanese company, announced yesterday that at the CES, and present its solution from 512GB SSD, the first solid state disk to achieve a similar capacity. From a technical standpoint, the producer, was entrusted to chip MLC (Multi-level cell) 43 nm: in order to ensure a similar amount of capacity, the choice of adopting solutions MLC, in many cases even less efficient compared to SLC (Single-level cell) is forced.

    The new family will be characterized by a design 2.5 ", but declined to solutions ultra portable 1.8", and distributed with denominations of 64, 128 and 256GB. The first samples are expected in early 2009, while the large-scale production will begin only in the second quarter. The new models will be characterized by speed reading and writing respectively 240MBps and 200MBps.

    According to the forecasts of Toshiba, SSD units during 2009, will erode important points of market share against traditional discs, reaching approximately 10% of the notebook segment in 2010 and up to 25% by 2012.

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    Re: SSD to 512GB, we think Toshiba

    It is ok, increase the speed and capabilities, then over time prices will fall ... I have not heard that they have solved the problem of the sharp deterioration in performance-related proportion to saturation of the disc ..

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    Re: SSD to 512GB, we think Toshiba

    They can make all the predictions of erosion of market share in the world, but if they continue to shoot these prices for 64GB unit will remain quietly on the shelf, because even enthusiasts like us on the forum does not have to spend fortunes even less at a time crisis like this.

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    Re: SSD to 512GB, we think Toshiba

    I believe that in 2009 we start to see some beautiful about the SSD, we hope that by next Christmas will also be purchased at prices people, so maybe we win7 it shall be run on a pretty fast disk SSD

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