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Thread: disk boot failed. insert system disk and press enter...plz help

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    disk boot failed. insert system disk and press enter...plz help

    plz plz can someone help me..i got a new laptop at christmas so i never used my desktop much..finaly after several months i switched on my pc and at boot up i got this error message. i havent so much as touched it in months, no upgrades no nothing then suddenly this.
    iv read the other threads where people have had the same problem but nothing helped...iv been in bios but its not even detecting the hdd but it seems to pick up everything else. i bought the pc new bout 2 1/2 to 3 years ago and didnt have to install the os so all iv got is a reload disk that resets everything to factory settings but it cant find the hd to reload it please please please if anybody can help me with this it would be very much appreciated..many thanks in advance

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    Yogesh Guest
    It seems like your PC is not detecting the HDD as the connection might have been loosen. Open the case, remove the HDD cable connection from motherboard and also from HDD, clean the cable and remove dust by blowing air into the connection points of cable, then connect it properly as it was before. Also check the power connection. Then switch on your PC and see if the HDD is detected or not.

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    After connecting the HDD cable properly, check in the BIOS if first boot device is hard disk or not. If it is not detected, check this HDD on some other computer to verify whether your HDD is still in working condition or not. If it is detected on another computer, then HDD is working but your old computer is not detecting it. Then there must be some problem with the sockets on motherboard that connects the HDD.

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