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    Geforce 9600gt Topic

    The GEFORCE 9600GT is based on the architecture of GEFORCE 8, but marketing is being more of the seller to move to a new generation card 9xxx ...
    The 9600 is equipped with half the units calculations of 8800, ie 64 against 128 for the latter. It has however the same memory bandwidth-256bits bus and GDDR3 @ 900mhz-in its basic version. The units ROPs have not been affected too.
    The pcb of 9600gt is identical to that of 8800GT: 23.7 inches long.
    Note also that the 9600gt heats does not, unlike its big sister.

    The specifications of the basic version:
    This map is negotiated approximately at Rs. 9000, does not gets heated and also has a significant asset, with the contribution of NVIDIA PUREVIDEO.

    A video in any fluidity:

    • The core of dedicated video processing on your PC displays a breathtaking high-definition video, without jerks or jumps.
    • The programmable video processor speeds films H.264, WMV and MPEG-2 high definition.
    • The core video processing discreet discharge the CPU and 3D engine of complex video tasks, leaving the PC free to run multiple applications simultaneously while consuming less.

    Images sublime clarity:

    • NVIDIA PureVideo provides clear images by eliminating duplicate images, vague and distortions.
    • The edges are smoothed staircase as a result of technology spatial-temporal, scalability and advanced inverse telecine.

    Colors are sharp and vivid on all screens:
    Setting gamma, brightness, saturation, color temperature and enhancement of the sharpness of the screen allow obtain images more real than life and vivid colors on all screens.
    The assumption HDTV native allows the connection of high definition televisions to 1920x1080p via interfaces component, DVI and HDMI.

    The 9600GT is designed mid-range and is clearly as leader before its main competitors in this segment price: ATI 3850 and 3870.

    There are also versions of overclockable ones factory passed, for most of the frequency gpu 650mhz and a 700mhz memory 2000mhz.
    Be aware however that these frequencies are easily attainable with the basic versions and that their high prices + is not often justified. Except versions with improved cooling system, bundle well supplied connectors and other interesting (hdmi, double dvi etc. ...)

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    the gainward with HDMI output air flow to me for a PC lounge / HD screen

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    It will be hard to choose when the decline in HD will be effective!

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    I have one who wishes to 750/1100 MHz after a night's bench. The GPU is 70 ° C and the fan at 55%. At this speed, it is still silent.
    Searching the forums can help you to find your answers more quickly

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