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Thread: Nvidia GeForce 760 poor performance on OCCT

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    Nvidia GeForce 760 poor performance on OCCT

    New Nvidia GeForce 760 is not performing well as per my expectation. I though this card is quiet high end and would be a amazing choice. But after adding this I ran a few benchmarking test to find out whether this phone will be a good performer or not. But later on I found very poor result. It was quiet shocking. I am having a Core i7 based system with 8GB RAM on it. And this card must somehow work well. I hope I had not got a damaged product. I am going to replace this but before that I am trying to collect maximum information on things I can do.

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    Re: Nvidia GeForce 760 poor performance on OCCT

    You cannot blame the car along for performance. There might be other things also. Like if you are having a less output then you have to check your system requirement. There are many things needed here. Just buy having good board is not enough. There are more things you need. Like you need to have a good performing psu that really matters. You can find ample of gaming based psu which are optimized to work well and they are also ideal for overclocking. You had not provided any information on the psu you are having. That is also matters here.

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    Re: Nvidia GeForce 760 poor performance on OCCT

    Without a right psu you wont be able to get the right kind of performance. There might be a lot of issue. Like the graphic card can heat up a lot. You need more than 600W of psu for a decent output. There are good modular psu in the market. Buy one that offers you more than 2 years of warranty. Which usually matters. There are some good psu that fall under Antec or Corsair series. They are worth testing. I am quiet sure that your psu is low due to which the card is not performing properly.

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