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Thread: GTX 960 black screen and crashing issue

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    GTX 960 black screen and crashing issue

    I have recently build a new computer consisting of Asus M5A99FX motherboard along with AMD FX-8350 CPU and 6GB RAM. Every driver installed with up to date version and no problems booting to the Windows 7 desktop at all. But whenever I am trying to play any game the pc will crash to black screen but I can still hear the sound of the game running in the background. After checking the event log it shows some kind of nv error or d3 error. Does anyone know what does this error message mean? Thanks for helping me out.

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    Re: GTX 960 black screen and crashing issue

    Are you by any chance using a DisplayPort or so? This seems to be a known problem when you are using such high end graphics card of GTX 960. The Asus brand producing similar graphics card are looking to fix this issue, they know that there is some flaw which is happening due to use of that slow memory in GTX 960 card. You can try to re-seat the power and graphics card and see if that helps.

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    Re: GTX 960 black screen and crashing issue

    Can you tell us whether you have Windows 7 copy upto date with the latest update? Did you try to reinstall the latest DirectX version? You should also try to update the motherboard chipset drivers to the latest? If you have recently bought this graphics card then you can try to RMA the GTX 960 and get a replacement card for it. They will have to replace the card if there is any fault or if it is defective.

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    Re: GTX 960 black screen and crashing issue

    Could you please tell us what type of power supply are you using because if it is low on watts then there might be some short when drawing higher power. What is the make of the GTX 960 video card that you have, whether from Asus, Gigabyte or something else? Also check if there is any overheating issue when you are playing high end games by installing some temperature monitoring software available free on the internet.

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