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Thread: AMD FX8350 cpu temperature constant at 45degree on Antec liquid cooler

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    AMD FX8350 cpu temperature constant at 45degree on Antec liquid cooler

    My friend is complaining about a loud sound in his pc. When I check I found that the fan inside are making a high buzzing noise. The top part of the cpu case is also hot. And this is a clear case of cpu heating. I went inside the bios and I can see a 45degree of constant temperature. It is rising very slowly. As far as I know if there is a liquid cooler in a pc then the temperature remains below 35degree on regular usage. But this is a bit high and also the fans are making quiet high noise. The radiator that is connected on the backside has two fans and it is also very hot. The cooler is trying to cool down the cpu but it is getting hotter while using. And this is too on a idle mode. That means when we do nothing still the temperature is high. On gaming this might be much higher.

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    Re: AMD FX8350 cpu temperature constant at 45degree on Antec liquid cooler

    That is right. The cpu temperature is slowly rising and you have to find what thing is causing this problem. Just to share my experience with you I had seen that when there is any kind of malware in your system then such issue occur. On idle mode also your ram usage will remain high. I am having 8GB RAM in my pc and when I faced such issue the constant ram usage was around 3GB. And it does not goes below. Later on I formatted my pc and installed Windows 7 back from scratch. It worked well after that. There was a huge fall in the temperature of the processor and it started working properly. No longer it was heating up.

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    Re: AMD FX8350 cpu temperature constant at 45degree on Antec liquid cooler

    Try to find out all the processes in your system. I think you are having a malware issue. That is why the cpu temperature is high. Just for testing purpose shutdown your pc. And leave it aside for 15 to 20 minutes. Then turn on your pc and directly boot to bios. Go in pc health section and wait there. If the temperature is at a constant rate then it means your system is having some kind of infection. Bitcoin malware are getting more and more common now-a-days. It load a script in your pc that use your processor power to generate more bitcoins. And it is not easy to find.

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    Re: AMD FX8350 cpu temperature constant at 45degree on Antec liquid cooler

    Cpu temperature rises due to many reason. There can be various process in the background that is causing the issue. Virus is another problem here. But if your antivirus is not able to find anything in your pc then it can be something else. Just open your cpu case and check the fittings. See if they are proper or not. Sometime it happens that due lot of dust accumulated on the fans, hot air is trapped and it is unable to go outside. In that case your have to clean them and add it back. Adding a new thermal paste will also be helping you a lot in fixing the issue you are facing. Just try cleaning the pc first and then test back.

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    Re: AMD FX8350 cpu temperature constant at 45degree on Antec liquid cooler

    Antec Liquid cooler is good here. My friend is having this in his pc and it works really well. There is no issue with the output from any angle. I had seen that on idle mode the temperature lies below 30degree. And when I am playing games on the same it reaches around 40degre and stops there. But in your case the temperature is still at 45degree which means without liquid cooler this can be more than 50 or 60. This is a overheating problem. I do not think there is something here related to the operating system. It can be hardware related issue. Like cleaning might help but replacing the thermal paste will help you more.

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