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Thread: Looking for FullHD monitor around 26inch or higher

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    Looking for FullHD monitor around 26inch or higher

    I want a big size monitor. I am having a Samsung 18inch one that I am planning to sell off and get a much better model. This time I am thinking to go above 22inch. I had seen a 26inch monitor at my friends house which is awesome. It has amazing screen quality. It was a HD monitor. I want a similar one here. But I want some different model with their features. I want to know which one will be the best here. My budget is around Rs.25000 max. But if possible try to provide me the cheapest models. I cannot find any good one on my own. There are so many monitors models.

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    Re: Looking for FullHD monitor around 26inch or higher

    You can go for Viewsonic VX2770smh. This one cost around Rs.19500 on Flipkart. And I think this one will be a good choice. The monitor size is around 27inch. It is a LED backlit LCD monitor. It is a HD monitor and offers you a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This monitor has a IPS display that provides great viewing angle and good quality screen output. With 7ms response time the monitor can work really well and offer you a decent output. It also has a good viewing angle. I think you must have a look on this. Just try finding out the monitor in your local shop for exact price.

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    Re: Looking for FullHD monitor around 26inch or higher

    There are ample of good models under a price range of Rs.20000. There might be minor changes in the cost. There are some nice models that I can suggest you around the price. But this will waste of time. I had bought HP 27 inch LED Backlit LCD a few months before which cost me around Rs.24000. And I think this would be a bit cheaper now a days. I had seen a few good models compared to this one. It is has a really bright display and 27inch is quiet a big size. You can watch movies, you can play games, etc on this display. I do not think there is anything better than this.

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    Re: Looking for FullHD monitor around 26inch or higher

    Philips 273P3LPHEB is one that I think this will be a decent choice for gaming and all other stuff. It cost around Rs.20000 approx. It will be cheaper if you try finding the same in your local shop. It is a quiet old model and it might be lot more cheaper now a days. So you can try finding the same. Most of the 27inch monitors have the same kind of feature. There is no huge difference. They might be giving you the same kind of screen size, the same resolution output and also common features. So it is not very hard to decide what to go for. Just check whether it is full hd or not.

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    Re: Looking for FullHD monitor around 26inch or higher

    If you want some really great output then I think you must go with gaming monitor. There are ample of budget gaming monitor in the market that brings you some extra features. Like you get a adjustable stand, you will get a smart control key also. I had see this features in BenQ monitor. This type of monitors are a bit costlier than the regular one. But they are good enough and have a higher refresh rate which really matters a lot. Low refresh rate puts strain on eyes when you are trying playing the games or watching videos.

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    Re: Looking for FullHD monitor around 26inch or higher

    I usually prefer to go with LG because of its quality. It has a good screen output and also the screen is large enough for gaming and movies. The model that I am going to suggest you is 27MP65HQ. This one is by LG and it offers a 27inch FullHD monitor. Similar to other model it also has a IPS panel and offers you 5000000:1 Contrast Ratio. It comes with 3 years warranty. I am not sure about the cost. I think this is a new model which will be released soon. It can be great choice for gaming also. Gaming monitors on the other hand are more costlier.

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