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Thread: Using two monitor on a single DVI port

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    Using two monitor on a single DVI port

    Is there a display splitter kind of tool that can help me to use two monitors on the same pc. I am yet not able to find anything useful. Looks like that there are few adapters in the market that really works. I am having a pc with single graphic card. It has a one dvi port on the back. And I want to connect two monitor on it. But I am not able to find any helpful solution for the same. I had tried looking on the web but it looks a bit hard to find a adapter that can provide me a decent resolution. I do not want to change my graphic card.

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    Re: Using two monitor on a single DVI port

    You will need a display adapter. this can help you to use different monitors on a single port. And it works really well. There are splitters that you can find on eBay. But I think the graphic card can heat up in it. So you have to choose a good done and try to use low resolution. So that the graphic card does not has to work much on both the screens. The setup is not complicated. If you are having a vga port also on your system then you can use that also for fixing the issue. It is good to go with a second graphic card so that you can gain more performance.

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    Re: Using two monitor on a single DVI port

    You can use more than that. You have to buy a DVI or VGA splitter. It is available in the market. If you want to more than one monitor then you can use that splitter software. Just connect it to the pc at one side and then connect other monitors and done. The splitter will take care about the resolution and it will offer you a smooth performance also. There is nothing much required to setup. Don’t go for a cable. Instead go for a full size splitter box so that in future you can use more monitors on it.

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