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Thread: What to see when I am buying a new LCD monitor

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    What to see when I am buying a new LCD monitor

    I am looking out for things that are really needed to see when you are buying a LCD monitor. I am not able to understand. Some says that the size really matters. If it is bigger then it is good and it gives good output. While some of my friend suggest to have a look on the resolution and connectivity options. I want a new monitor for my pc and this would be for gaming mostly. So there might be a lot of models but there are some things that can be major factor and help me to take a proper decision also. I can see different models at different price but most of them looks one and the same.

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    Re: What to see when I am buying a new LCD monitor

    If you are ready to spend money then you can try going for a good screen. There are ample of new models in the market that are coming up with curved screen. And this are really amazing models. but they are costly also. Here you must check the aspect ratio and then go ahead with resolution. The last thing you can see is different type of connectivity options. Size around 19 to 23inch is more than enough. There is no need to go for a much bigger model which can be a bit waste of money. There are common models in the market with decent screen resolution and output.

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    Re: What to see when I am buying a new LCD monitor

    The most common aspect ration then you can find is around 16:9. But if you are ready to wait then there is a new series of curved monitor coming out. This will give you a much better resolution and more amazing features. It is good to go for ultra wide screen. Because in gaming you need more clear display. Try to find some features that can offer you less strain over your eyes. So that while playing you don't get much tired. The type of screen panel also matter. Here a 24inch monitor would relative a good choice to go for. Any monitor with good refresh rate is better.

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