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Thread: How to enable more than 3.5GB Vram on GTX 970

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    How to enable more than 3.5GB Vram on GTX 970

    I recently purchased a GTX 970 graphics card. After using it for a while I found that this card is not able to use more than 3.5gb vram while playing any games like Dying Light or Far Cry 4. There is no serious performance problem but still it was supposed to have 4gb Vram. Is there something preventing this GTX 970 to work only at 3.5gb vram? Or is there any setting to enable 4GB Vram in GTX 970 which I didnt know about? Any ideas

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    Re: How to enable more than 3.5GB Vram on GTX 970

    There is a tool called EnBoost that will let you to use more Vram in many games like Skyrim or Witcher 2. It is said to increase the available Vram to a greater extent and people using this have also said that for 4GB graphics card they are getting upto 6GB of usage, the combination of 4GB Vram + 2GB RAM of texture memory. I have not tested it since I dont own a similar video card but still you can give it a try and see if it works for you.

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    Re: How to enable more than 3.5GB Vram on GTX 970

    There seems to be some problem with this GTX 970 cards as most of the users are complaining that they are not able to utilize the full power of 4GB of Vram. Some of them were stucked at 3.5GB Vram where others were able to go beyond that to 3.9GB VRAM maximum with the help of tools like SpaceEngine or Memory Burner. You will have to wait for Nvidia to reply if it can be fixed in a driver update or so.

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    Re: How to enable more than 3.5GB Vram on GTX 970

    Every person who has bought a GTX 970 card is not able to get this card to function at 4GB VRAM. As per the observation the memory on this card is split into 2 different sections and so both are unable to read simultaneously. Many users have also taken steps to return their card either from the local store that they bought or from Nvidia directly. Only the new GTX 980 seems to probably use the whole 4GB of VRAM as if now.

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