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Thread: displayport link failure error message

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    displayport link failure error message

    I was using 2 monitors that was working fine with HD 6950 with 2 DVI ports. Recently I purchased a new HD 7950 that has only 1 DVI, so I was using this DVI for 1 monitor and mini-displayport for the other. Now, it has been 4-5 times in past few days, the monitor on displayport will not come back on after it shuts off in sleep mode. When I disconnect and reconnect the displayport couple of times, then it gets reset but comes back with a message that states "displayport link failure". Does anyone know what this mean? Thanks

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    Re: displayport link failure error message

    I am thinking that DVI-DL will be able to work for you but for DisplayPort, I have checked this problem on many video cards and monitors. Most of their cables are just not good enough. You can try to pick up a Displayport 1.2 cable to get yourself free from this problems. Or else, you will need to ensure that your DisplayPort cable is VESA compliant because non-compliant cables can also cause this kind of problems.

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    Re: displayport link failure error message

    Even I used to face similar issue when I purchased my HD 7970 and was using DP with it. This problem used to happen using 2 1440p+ monitors in my case. So, I just had to leave the DisplayPort monitor running 24/7 to get rid of the desktop resetting and all the softwares ending up on monitor number 1. This is happening because of the monitor wearing out. So, what I think is DisplayPort is basically crap for this all simple reason as it is useless.

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    Re: displayport link failure error message

    Well, there was not problem at all for me using displayport on Windows 7 which worked fine. But the only problem started to happen once I installed Windows 8. This problem seems to be very strange and even if I re-enable the display then it gets stuck at 800x600 for some odd reason and I have to try all other kinds of things to get it back to native. So, it does seem to be an issue with drivers interacting with Windows 8.

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