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Thread: Can I get a HD resolution on HDMI to VGA adapter

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    Can I get a HD resolution on HDMI to VGA adapter

    I want to know that is it possible to get a hd screen resolution through HDMI to VGA adapter. I am having a big size monitor which has a vga port. I am getting a bit blurry resolution on the same. I am going to buy a hdmi to vga adapter. And I want to know that will I get a good resolution on the same or not. I had not yet tested the same. But I want to confirm first before buying. Because the adapter is costly. And if I buy and that if that does not work then it will be waste of time.

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    Re: Can I get a HD resolution on HDMI to VGA adapter

    I am doubtful about that. There is still a VGA limitation. You need a HDMI to HDMI connectivity in-order to get a more better and clear resolution. VGA is a low end one and it wont be working really well. You can still test. There are some budget adapters in the market which will really help you to get a reasonable output. And you can test out the same. If you can put a graphic card and then use a hdmi cable on that then also you will get quiet a nice output.

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    Re: Can I get a HD resolution on HDMI to VGA adapter

    I also think you must get a graphic card and on that you must use a dvi or hdmi direct connection. So that you get nice resolution output. Or else it will be really hard to get what you are trying. There is a limit of vga resolution because it mostly depend on the on-board video memory. There is always a limitation. If you are having a good graphic card like a 1GB or 2GB one then the video resolution can be much more higher and better. You can play games at high resolution, you can surf an chat with your friends.

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