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Thread: What to look for before buying a second hand graphic card

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    What to look for before buying a second hand graphic card

    I will be buying a used graphic card. My friend has HIS Turbo and he is going to go for some more high end one. So he wants to sell it off. I want to know that what things should I see before buying the card. I am having a AMD system with AMD FX series cpu and 16GB RAM. The system is quiet high end and looks to be working well. But still before getting this card and paying I want some points that I must consider. Or else if this card wont work well then my money is wasted.

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    Re: What to look for before buying a second hand graphic card

    If possible try to take the card and use it for a few couple of days. And then you will be able to decide in a lot more proper way. You have to see that the first card is working well. It is giving you maximum performance or not. If there is any lagging or any issue with the card the I a quiet sure you wont be able to happy to use it. Also keep a eye on the gpu temperature. Most of the old cards gets overheated really fast and wont work properly. You have to replace the gpu thermal paste to boost its output.

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    Re: What to look for before buying a second hand graphic card

    Check that gpu is in good condition. See all the fans and clean it if possible. Like wipe out the dust from the fans. Also verify that the gpu is compatible with your motherboard. Your system wont bottleneck while playing games. You must have a good high end psu on your system to handle the entire operation. Or else it will be really hard for you to work on the same. After a few hours of playing game the gpu gets hot and the same impact is on the processor also. You can use a temperature monitoring utility for the same.

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