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Thread: What does a GPU Overkill means

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    What does a GPU Overkill means

    I am trying to get a new graphic card for my pc. I am already having one and I had made a list of compatible models that can work with that in Sli mode. On some sites I found a new term as overkill. What does this means. And how to stop this from damaging my old graphic card. I am going to get a 3GB DDR5 gpu which will quiet match with the old one and offer me dual gpu support. In few replies I got that this can overkill the old gpu. What does not mean.

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    Re: What does a GPU Overkill means

    It means pushing the gpu to work over the limit that can cause hardware damage to the graphic card. You have to simply check that once again. You are having a old graphic card and on that you are trying to hook a brand new one with much higher clock rate. This will pressurize the old one to work and can cause problem with the performance.It is better to stick with a card of common configuration. Do not just add anything. You will be only able to use any one among them. Both are not going to work at any cost.

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    Re: What does a GPU Overkill means

    I think you must gave up your old gpu. You can either sold this or you can keep this aside and buy two identical card. So that in future you wont face any problem with the system. And that will be quiet cheaper I think. You wont have to pay higher for the same. You can try finding out similar models on the web and then compare them. And buy on the basis of motherboard you have. Because if you go with too high end card then your motherboard and psu will have a problem in using the same.

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