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Thread: pc shuts down while playing games with GTX 770

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    pc shuts down while playing games with GTX 770

    I was previously having some problems with my GTX 770 but later on I fixed it by changing date on my computer. So, I reinstalled the OS freshly and installed everything again but now it is crashing again. Whenever I am playing any games then my pc will automatically shut down. This problem was not happening the previous case. I have checked the temperature which stays till 70 degrees celcius for my AMD FX-8350 CPU and this seems a normal temp to me? What could be the main reason for the shut down, any ideas?

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    Re: pc shuts down while playing games with GTX 770

    If you will check the AMD website then they have mentioned that 61 degree celcius is the maximum temperature for your AMD FX-8350 CPU. However it does not mean that you are prone to be getting shut down issues after you pass that point but still the lifespan of the CPU will be degraded for future running for sure. You should simply get an aftermarket cooler for your CPU to cool it down a bit. What power supply do you have by the way?

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    Re: pc shuts down while playing games with GTX 770

    Yes, if you have a low wattage or non-quality Power Supply then it could be the problem as well. Normally, the GTX 770 requires more power from the PSU and if there is not enough power to supply to the graphics card then there could be serious trouble with the hardware or else it might be also having some sort of voltage problems. As said above if getting a cooler is not fixing this issue, then there might be some problems with your CPU or video card itself.

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    Re: pc shuts down while playing games with GTX 770

    When ever a computer is automatically shutting down at the time of playing games, it simply means that your system is overheating and therefore shutting down your computer to prevent it from getting toasted. The computer will tolerate this for a certain amount of time but if you keep stressing it then it will give up. Just get yourself some case fans and also add some liquid cooler for your AMD FX-8350 CPU, everything will be back to normal.

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