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Thread: best graphics cards for 1080p

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    best graphics cards for 1080p

    I wanted to know which one among these 2 graphics card would be best for the 1080p on ultra without any gaming lags on my system, whether the R9 280X or GTX 760? Or else should I get the GTX 770 video card which will save me a bit of price. Also, do we need to have a 1080p ready monitor so that both the graphics card and monitor would give me the same resolution and quality? I am currently looking for a gaming setup on 1080p, so kindly suggest me which one will be the best. Thank you

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    Re: best graphics cards for 1080p

    Incase you are looking to get the GTX 770 graphics card then you should actually try to get the GTX 970 instead. This new video card runs very cool and also has more graphics power than all the cards that you have listed. It also uses less power compared to all the three cards you are looking to purchase. The different brands like MSI and Asus for the GTX 970 range also have the zero fan spin control that will not start them up until the graphics card hits 50-60C temperature. So, you should get the 970 which is the best value card in my respect.

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    Re: best graphics cards for 1080p

    If you compare the AMD R9-280X graphics card with the other 2 cards then it is better than the others but the GTX 970 will easily beat them both. You can get a R9-280X which is a rebadged version of HD 7970, so it will outperform the GTX 760 because the HD 7970 was on par with the GTX 680 video card. By comparing GTX 770 with the GTX 680, it is only 5% better than the latter. So, it really depends upon you which one of these high end video cards will you choose.

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    Re: best graphics cards for 1080p

    Even I was going to suggest the GTX 970 video card but for you if price does matter then you should get the GTX 770 card whose price must have dropped by now to make it convenient for you to purchase it. Although it is taking a very slow time for the 700 series card prices to drop at the moment. Or else, you can also get good 1080p graphics cards like 7950, 7970, GTX 660 or 670, etc.

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