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Thread: Does mounting monitor on wall can cause neck issue

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    Does mounting monitor on wall can cause neck issue

    I am planing to mouse all my monitors on the wall in my office. There are 14 workstation in total and due to small desk people are having issue in keeping their mobile phone and other stuff. So if I mount them to a bit upper side on the wall, will it cause any kind of neck issue. I had done this in my cabin and I am having a slight pain. The monitor in mounted towards upside. But not very high. It is quiet decent and the also the distance between monitor me is not very far. I am using a wireless keyboard mouse here for working. I never faced a neck issue before. Doctor says this is some kind of stress on the neck that is causing it.

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    Re: Does mounting monitor on wall can cause neck issue

    You have to set a alignment for that. If you are looking towards upside then your neck remain bend at the backside and sitting for long period at the same posture can cause pain in your neck. So you have to check the same first. You can try testing out adjust different forms of mounting. So that you can choose which is the best one. Even a low pc monitor can also cause strain in the neck. You have to do a bit of neck relief exercise sitting on your seat which will offer you a lot of relaxation. I think you are working too much on your pc which is causing this pain problem. So try different adjustment and try.

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    Re: Does mounting monitor on wall can cause neck issue

    When the monitor i kept on the tablet it is on our direct view. We don have to bend our head to view the screen. It remains parallel to our view. And when you mount then you have to use exactly the same angle. Do not push it to the up or down side. Try keeping it straight so that you wont face any problem with it. A minor adjustment can cause issue with your neck pain. You must take proper medication for the same. A lot of work like that can generate Cervical spodolysis. My dad is suffering from the same thing. He use to work for a travel form where the monitor was fixed in the table with glass over it. He has to see downward to work on the pc and that cause this issue.

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