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Thread: GTX 770 vs GTX 760 graphics card

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    GTX 770 vs GTX 760 graphics card

    Can anyone tell me if it is worth to get GTX 770 or GTX 760 comparing it with their prices? As a gamer, I want to play all the latest games in ultra settings with Full HD support. I would be also recording the same gameplays and upload it on youtube, but this requires a very good hardware for sure. So, can anyone tell me which among these 2 graphics card would be good for such usage? Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: GTX 770 vs GTX 760 graphics card

    If we consider performance and price then GTX 760 would be the best card and better value than the other GTX 770 graphics card. But note that you wont be able to run the latest games on Ultra settings with the same card but still you can run game in high settings for, lets say, somewhere around 2 year or so. But if you really care about price and performance then you should try to grab the Radeon R9 280X. This video card is more powerful than a single GTX 760 graphics card.

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    Re: GTX 770 vs GTX 760 graphics card

    Basically it usually depends on what video games you ae planning play on your computer and also at what all settings you will change. The GTX 770 is a bit rehased GTX 680 where else the GTX 760 performs similarly in the lines of a GTX 670. But if I were at your place then I will personally go for the GTX 770 card for that extra power. On another note, you can also try to pick up a R9 290 graphics card which outperforms both the cards and gives similar performance like GTX 780.

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    Re: GTX 770 vs GTX 760 graphics card

    The GTX 760 card is nothing but a 80% of what is GTX 670. But leaving that and considering to go for a 660ti will eventually let you play around 1080p resolutions which is gradually more if compared to a single GTX 760 card. But if you want to pay at a higher settings and also with more future performance then you should get a GTX 770 which should give you more performance. The Radeon 290 cards are also pretty good deals at $350 only, incase you want to change your mind.

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