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Thread: video card for 1440p

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    video card for 1440p

    I am using a Asus Z97 motherboard with Intel i5 core processor along with 8GB RAM and 1000W power supply. I am looking to buy a video card that will give me the best FPS rate to 1440p if possible. So, I was considering which of the following graphics card to purchase from this list of R9 290 crossfire, R9 290X crossfire, GTX 780 SLI, Titan Black or some other? Thanks for any recommendations in advance.

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    Re: video card for 1440p

    You have not listed the GTX 780 TI graphics card which will be the best choice for the 1440p resolution. Also, you will not have to run 2 cards in SLI but only with this single card setup you will achieve that resolution. This GTX 780 TI graphics card is made for the hard core gamers. You can also overclock it to extreme level as well, keeping in mind that you have a good cooler inside your case just incase if there is an overheating problem. For 2 years from now you will be just fine running this beast on your machine.

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    Re: video card for 1440p

    The Radeon R9 290X graphics card would be also a good choice. There is no other powerful video card than this one. I usually play sim-racing game on my home-made computer that is running at stock settings without any overclock. I was able to gain 40FPS with the latest nvidia graphics driver over my old HD 7000 series video card. As for the temperature I am hardly getting a 72C at the end of the sessions although the fan can be noisy sometimes at full speed but that is not a problem.

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    Re: video card for 1440p

    Well, the GTX 780 TI card will definitely perform better with 10% gain but the main problem is that it is very expensive. I would suggest you to get a TriX or a VaporX R9 290X graphics card. Since you also have a 1000watt power supply so you dont have to worry about the power issues for the graphics card. You can also expect good framerates with the R9 290X. So, I will recommend you to start with a single card first and get a budget card like R9 290X which is equal in performance.

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