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Thread: AMD Catalyst driver error "INF file was not found"

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    AMD Catalyst driver error "INF file was not found"

    I am running Windows 7 and to update the amd catalyst driver in my pc I usually follow the onscreen instructions given but as soon as I get to the Catalyst Control Center installation, I get an error message saying that "Driver Install: the INF file was not found" and I am only presented with the option to press ok to terminate the installation. Does anyone know how to prevent this error so that I can install the driver properly? Thanks

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    Re: AMD Catalyst driver error "INF file was not found"

    Since you are already running Windows 7 then you dont need to uninstall the previous drivers, instead you can easily install the latest version of the Catalyst driver on top the previous one and it will load the newly installed driver on your pc. If you dont want to do this, then uninstall the previous driver via Uninstall a program and check for windows updates and it will automatically install the drivers for your video card and after the installation simply restart your pc to take effect.

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    Re: AMD Catalyst driver error "INF file was not found"

    To solve the issue you are facing, first do the exact installation that you did and once you get to the error message then go to Device Manager and navigate to the C:/ati directory and check for the subfolders inside. After that restart your pc and run the Catalyst installer again and now choose Uninstall to remove the CCC software. Again run Catalyst driver and install it in the normal way that you do.

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    Re: AMD Catalyst driver error "INF file was not found"

    I was facing the same issue but found another solution to this problem. First of all I removed all the Amd drivers and then ran Revo Uninstaller to remove the remaining files of the drivers. After that I installed the previous version of the driver that I had been using. Then downloaded the latest one and installed it over top of the old Catalyst driver and it worked flawlessly without any error message. So, if the above solutions are not working for anyone then they can try my solution.

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