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Thread: GTX 780 vs GTX 780 Ti

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    GTX 780 vs GTX 780 Ti

    I am looking to purchase a graphics card as soon as my mini itx computer chasis arrives. I am not looking for any overclocking also. I am just looking for a single graphics card that is should give the best performance till date. Aftr searching I found GTX 780 and GTX 780TI cards. There is a major difference between their prices, 780 Ti being the costliest. So, will it be good to go with the higher priced card or will the other graphics card just suffice? Thanks

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    Re: GTX 780 vs GTX 780 Ti

    With the GTX 780 Ti graphics card you will get see utmost 25% improvement while playing games compared to the GTX 780 card. So if you think that it is worth this much, then you can go with the decision based on the information that I have provided you. Other wise the lower priced card will be also good and can give good gaming support as well.

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    Re: GTX 780 vs GTX 780 Ti

    It all depends on you which card you want to buy. I have been using GTX 780 for a month. I actually wanted to buy the GTX 780TI but I am still waiting for its price to be dropped. Because the new card is at launch price so I bought the non-ti model which came down for a huge amount. For a better value card you should try to get GTX 780 and then wait for sometime to let the TI price drop and buy it.

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    Re: GTX 780 vs GTX 780 Ti

    Even I was looking for some answers on this very same question. I found out that 15% performance increase for this GTX 780 TI video card is not worth the money that we need to pay for an extra $200. So, I bought an Asus 780 DirectCU OC which is not fast but still it remains cool and extremely quiet. Now I am also liking it to my preference and dont have any regret at all.

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