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Thread: Among graphic card and cpu which one heats the most

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    Among graphic card and cpu which one heats the most

    In a gaming pc which among gpu and cpu produce most heat. I am a bit confused between choosing the right power supply.I can see a few models in the market but my friends says that those will be not enough. I had also seen in my friends system his system gets too hot while playing games and it shuts off. He has to keep the system turned off for few hours and then again he turn it on. The system has a huge 120mm fan. There are two of them. One is placed on the top side and the other one is on the front. Still it turns off.

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    Re: Among graphic card and cpu which one heats the most

    The cpu take care about the processing while the graphic card take care about the video output. When you are playing games on maximum resolution there are chances that the gpu generate more heat. If your system has improper cooling then it will surely turn off.

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    Re: Among graphic card and cpu which one heats the most

    There are few things you can do to keep both of them cooler. The gpu itself has a fan in it. When you are playing games, try to give a bit break in between. For cpu you can simply go for a liquid cooler kit. There are portable kits available in the market. This kits are easy to install. Instead of having big size fan you must use a nice trusted liquid cooler. Like Antec KUHLER H2O 920 Liquid Cooler . This is a nice ready to use kit. It comes with big size fans that you can place on your system to keep proper air ventilation. The benefit of using this thing is that you can connect the same more easily. You can place it as per your need and play games for long yours. To find out which one generate more heat you will have to monitor the temperature constantly. I think the gpu is the one that gets heated really fast.

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    Re: Among graphic card and cpu which one heats the most

    There is no big difference in the temperature when you are using your system at extreme rate. The cpu remains a bit cooler. This is because of a bigger size stock fan directly fixed no it. While gpu fans are small. Adding liquid cooler is a good thing.

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