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Thread: black screen after installing GTX 780 Ti

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    black screen after installing GTX 780 Ti

    I was previously using a HD 7870 graphics card and since it started giving me problems of overheating I therefore bought a new GTX 780 Ti graphics card of Nvidia. I first deleted all the Radeon drivers fully and then restart my pc and then turned it off again. Then I removed the HD 7870 card and then carefully placed in the GTX 780 Ti card. I booted the pc and then went into BIOS but after 5 minutes I started getting beep sounds. After 10 minutes it went to black screen with a cursor and now I am stuck on it and wont get any further. Now I am looking for a solution to fix this issue? Thank you.

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    Re: black screen after installing GTX 780 Ti

    Which motherboard do you have? If it has an onboard graphics then first take out the Nvidia GTX 780 Ti graphics card out and boot from the onboard graphics only. Once you are in Windows then download the latest graphics driver for your card from the Nvidia website and save it on your desktop. After that turn off the pc, plug in the card and then go to BIOS setting and disable onboard graphics boot and normally boot to Windows and install the drivers.

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    Re: black screen after installing GTX 780 Ti

    Black screen with cursor usually means that your Windows operating system's file might be corrupted due to the new installation of this new hardware. So, get the copy of your Windows Operating System install disk in your hand and place it in the CD drive and boot with it and select the option to Repaid your OS. I think that you might have removed some drivers from your OS which is not knowing how to handle the new card.

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    Re: black screen after installing GTX 780 Ti

    I would suggest you to do a system restore and then install the GTX 780 Ti card in your motherboard and try to boot to Windows. After that remove the radeon graphics card driver only from the Uninstall a Program option and then restart and install the latest graphics driver of Nvidia in your pc. If still this doesnt work then try to update the BIOS of your motherboard and see if that helps.

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