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Thread: GTX 650 video card drivers installing problem

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    GTX 650 video card drivers installing problem

    I recently bought a second hand NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 video card and have plugged it in my computer. If I am trying to install the drivers from the CD that is given along with the graphics card then it will not detect the graphics adapter at all. And due to this I am not able to install the drivers for this card? Does anyone know how do I install the driver for this video card so that I can enjoy playing some games with it. Thanks

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    Re: GTX 650 video card drivers installing problem

    It seems that the GTX 650 graphics card does not require 6 or 8 pin extra power connector like any other high end card. Did you try to pull the card from the PCIE slot out and then reseating it again and checked if the card is detected. When you start your computer then can you see if the fans of the video card is rotating? What does device manager list? You should try to download the latest driver from Nvidia website and try to install those first.

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    Re: GTX 650 video card drivers installing problem

    Even I am facing similar issue and trying to install the GTX 660ti graphics card in my pc. After installing this card in my computer and when I am trying to install its driver, I am getting an error message that states "This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". I also tried other drivers from nvidia website but to no avail. The other graphics card HD 7750 is working in my pc so why this nvidia card is not working?

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    Re: GTX 650 video card drivers installing problem

    Well, I think that there might be some problem with the PCIe slot on your motherboard. Can you try to go to any local computer repair shop and then try to test another graphics card by running it and see if that is working or not. Also what is the Power Supply you are using, try a new PSU also if possible and just connect everything and then test. If everything fails then you have problem with the motherboard itself.

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