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Thread: Radeon R9 280x vs GTX 770 video card

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    Radeon R9 280x vs GTX 770 video card

    I am looking to buy a new graphics card for video editing and gaming purpose. There are 2 cards that I am looking at, which is Radeon R9 280x and GTX 770. After reading many reviews, I have found that both cards have the same benchmark results. But the Radeon R9 280x is less costlier if compared to GTX 770. So, should I got with the 280x or GTX 770 graphics card? Thanks

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    Re: Radeon R9 280x vs GTX 770 video card

    Well, if I would like to buy a video card in the same comparison then I will go with the Asus Radeon R9 280x because it is also more cheaper than any other brands of the same model as published. Amd have also come a long way with their new driver support and the best part is these drivers also support old amd graphics card.

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    Re: Radeon R9 280x vs GTX 770 video card

    Yes, if Radeon R9 280x is compared with Gtx 770 then the 280x outputs much better performance with a good price as well. But if you are a fan of Nvidia graphics card then your options will be to wait for a price drop of Gtx 770 or else you can even get a Gtx 680 that comes at the same rate compared to the 280x but with little performance drop.

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    Re: Radeon R9 280x vs GTX 770 video card

    You can even wait for the Nvidia 770TI graphics card, it will be soon released by the company. If it is only the price matter then you can select between the Nvidia 680 because the GTX 770 card is just an overclocked Gtx 680 card with good support of memory chips. You can overclock the Gtx 680 if you want to get somewhat similar performance if you want.

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