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Thread: NVIDIA driver 320.49 crashing constantly

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    NVIDIA driver 320.49 crashing constantly

    I am using a Nvidia GTX 400 series card which is not working properly. If I am doing anything like surfing the internet or playing games, then the entire computer will freeze for sometime and then the screen will blank out and after that I get some kind of an error like Nvidia driver has crashed and recovered. This problem was occuring in the old driver of Nvidia but when I updated to 320.49 driver then the problem started to happen more. Now I dont know what else to do to solve this issue? Please help me out. Thanks

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    Re: NVIDIA driver 320.49 crashing constantly

    I think that there might be some problem or bug with the 320 driver version of Nvidia. So, you could try to either install the latest beta drivers or roll back to a pretty old driver like 314.22 version. By the way, can you tell us if you have overclocked your GPU or such? If not then the crashing is occuring at the stock speeds only?

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    Re: NVIDIA driver 320.49 crashing constantly

    Many people are facing issues with the new version of the graphics driver from Nvidia that is not meant for the Nvidia 400/500 series graphics card. Also it was noted that this issue happens because of a TDR error which is a new feature called Timeout Detection and Recovery. What it does is that it will try to detect issues related to the graphics card and then recover it to get it functional again.

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    Re: NVIDIA driver 320.49 crashing constantly

    Can you try to restore Windows to an earlier state and also try to disable the hardware acceleration on Mozilla. After that try to install the 326.80 beta drivers and see if that stops the crashing issue from your computer. If this procedure is still not working for you then you will have to roll back to the 314.xx version of the nvidia driver.

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