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Thread: Can I use my old pc and web camera to use it like a DVR

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    Can I use my old pc and web camera to use it like a DVR

    I am having a pc at my home which has Dual Core processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard drive and Hd web cam. It was used by my dad. Be bought a laptop and now that system is just lying around. We require a DVR setup at our home. Now instead of buying a entirely new setup is it possible to use this some for that purpose. I do not really want to buy a separate system for that.

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    Re: Can I use my old pc and web camera to use it like a DVR

    You can do that. But for that you will need to manually record streaming videos. And also the quality depends on the system quality. If you are having a poor internet bandwidth the streaming will be affected.

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    Re: Can I use my old pc and web camera to use it like a DVR

    You can build your own DVR with that. It is possible. You are having almost everything. You are having a camera and system. In this system you will need to add one more thing. A good TV Tuner card. There are ample of budget cards available in the market. A good TV Tuner card allows you to hook your setup box on the pc and you can start with the recording. There are ample of issue here. First if there is a transmission issue then the same will be recorded. The video quality can be affected due to the streaming output. I am having a laptop that offers me a TV connector for video recording. Due to a graphic card in it and good memory I cam able to get 1080p video quality through a video recorder software. You can download ample of good video recorder which can give you a processed video by enhancing the quality. The quality here also matters with the kind of card you are having. If you are using a cheaper one then the output wil be affected.

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    Re: Can I use my old pc and web camera to use it like a DVR

    You can go with card like AVerTVHD Bravo. This are costly cards but really great for recording TV shows. It is a internal card that comes with a set of software package also. Try this one and then check back.

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    Re: Can I use my old pc and web camera to use it like a DVR

    It is easy to find a TV Tuner card but it is complicated to get a good DVR Software. Now ample of TV Tuner cards comes with a DVR Software that allows you rich video recording instantly. A DVR software is kind of a Live TV via which you can stream all your video shows instantly. I do not really think there are recording facilities but still you can test the same. Instead of overloading your system with tons of new software you can just stick with a single DVR tool which is quiet more than enough for video purpose. Many Live TV applications comes with video recording facility that works really fine with Dual Core system. All you will need to do is reserve the system for recording purpose only. That will be beneficial.

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