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Thread: How is the performance of AMD Radeon HD 7990

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    How is the performance of AMD Radeon HD 7990

    I am planning to add a new gpu on my pc. I found AMD Radeon HD 7990 as the most compatible graphic card. But I need some information on the performance output. I hope there will be some information available on the same. I found this card as a budget card but it is a bit complicated to judge a graphic card. I am looking for some decent performance card that can run all the latest game without putting a much pressure to the power supply. I found that AMD Radeon HD 7990 is one of the most power efficient card. Is that true.

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    Re: How is the performance of AMD Radeon HD 7990

    It is a good card. I have one at my pc. It is a very old card and there are more new variants released recently. But still you can add the card in your system and use it for gaming purpose. It is one of the most high end card available in the market. The card simply is best for power graphic processing.

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    Re: How is the performance of AMD Radeon HD 7990

    I had tested this card long before. I can simply offer you some highlights on the same. The best thing about the card is that it is really power efficient and it product low noise when you are using it. Also it remains cooler. The card is having a bigger memory bandwidth. So the graphic output is simply increased to some extent. The card has similar features of Radeon HD 7970 GHz. It is clocked at 950 MHz as compared to the other one which has a higher clock ratio (1050 MHz). HD 7990 is simply great for multi-usage. You can use more than one card on the same and use it for great performance output. The cooling system on the card is also great. It works on a very low noise. There is a 90mm fan used is inside the same. The construction of the cooler is fairly standard with design. I think this can be more improved with better casing and cooling power.

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    Re: How is the performance of AMD Radeon HD 7990

    This card offers you a dual-link DVI and four mini-DisplayPort. So that you can simply add more monitors. As per a test I had seen the card works well for up to 5 screens with clear image output. You can buy a mini-DP to DVI Adapter, Mini DP to HDMI, etc type adapter for using it on different monitors.

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    Re: How is the performance of AMD Radeon HD 7990

    Power efficiency is another required feature for every graphic card. Radeon HD 7990 is a power efficient card. It has some smart power management feature which allows it to use optimum power. But the consumption simply rises if you increase more monitors on your system. While playing games also the power usage goes quiet high. The energy efficiency of this card is quiet similar to GeForce 3 series card which I was using before. If you can have a good power supply you can simply take out great advantage from it. For better output it is essential that you offer maximum power or else you cannot take benefit from the complete computing power. The Radeon HD 7990 is silent at idle. When you do not play any game. While there is a bit noise in the system when you run heavy games. It is not annoying but as per a high end card it is necessary that the card must be completely silent.

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    Re: How is the performance of AMD Radeon HD 7990

    Two cards that comes in the similar range is GeForce 690 and 680. I will recommend you to have a look on the same and see what output you are getting. I think the card simply works great. There are more low range card available that offers you similar performance power at a mid range.

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    Re: How is the performance of AMD Radeon HD 7990

    The performance of a gaming pc depends on the overall hardware. The performance just cannot be calculated on the basis of single game. While GeForce here are having some of the best brand in the market. With them you can gain more than 10% of performance power. While the performance of the Radeon HD 7990 is a bit lower. That does not really put any major impact on the card output. But it basically for those who play games at quiet high end level. The better updates you are having in your system the better card works. To some extent the drivers also work really hard in giving out the right output. The only issue that I had mentioned lies with a bit of noise in the card at the time of heavy usage.

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