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Thread: HD 7870 flickering with black screen

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    HD 7870 flickering with black screen

    I have recently purchased a new HD 7870 graphics card for gaming but I have got some problems with it. When ever I am playing games like World of Tanks or Starcraft II, then at some random time I am getting some flickering with black screen for few hours of play. Also, sometimes the objects will blink at any time. I am on a Windows 7 64bit machine with 4gb ram and also with the latest graphics driver installed on my machine. Can anyone please tell me how to solve this issue?
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    Re: HD 7870 flickering with black screen

    What is the model of the monitor that you are using and what kind of cable you use to connect this monitor to the graphics card? It might be possible that the cable or the monitor is faulty. You might need to try another cable and monitor to test out this issue. Also, incase the HD 7870 graphics card that you have is the factory overclocked version, then you will need to try lowering the clock speed to the non overclocked version and check if that helps. You need to also check in the Catalyst control panel whether any non-standard settings are enabled or not and ensure that each things are set to be application controlled.
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    Re: HD 7870 flickering with black screen

    Can you try to open the CCC software on your desktop and then try to uncheck the "surface format optimizations" and also uncheck the "AMD optimized tesselation" and then check mark the "application controlled" and see if that solves the issue. Post back if it doesnt solves the problem.

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    Re: HD 7870 flickering with black screen

    It might be possible that your 2d clocks are conflicting with the 3d, so what you can do is install MSI Burner or Asus GPU Tweak (incase you have an Asus Board) and then try to set the 2d clocks to 500\800 and 3d clocks to what ever you want and also it will be good if you can set the Fan Speed to Auto. It will surely help you out.

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