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Thread: ViewSonic VCD22 awesome smart display for touchscreen desktop

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    ViewSonic VCD22 awesome smart display for touchscreen desktop

    I just landed on this new ViewSonic VCD22 display. This is worth to discuss here. I found that this type of display are designed specially for Windows 8. Those who had tested Windows 8 consumer preview knows how the interface is. I had tried Developer Preview and I was really not happy with the performance. The reason is that, Windows 8 needs better hardware. Anyhow I notice that the entire operating system is based on touch interface. Mouse seems useless. Luckily I go chance to test certain Windows 8 tablet where it worked very nicely. I will recommend people to have a look on this smart display. Surely in coming time this product might rock the market.

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    Re: ViewSonic VCD22 awesome smart display for touchscreen desktop

    I had seen a video of this display on youtube. The price can be assumed between Rs.22,000 to 28,00. It has inbuilt 1Ghz dual core processor with 1GB ram. So here you can simply run Android and play your favorite game. It is like a big size tablet in your living room. It is more than a regular monitor. One thing that creates a doubt in my mind is the resolution. I assume that some games might not work properly because as the resolution is quiet high and I had seen Android is weak in the case.

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    Re: ViewSonic VCD22 awesome smart display for touchscreen desktop

    Touchscreen display today are very poor in performance. On 1Ghz processor you cannot get ample of output quality while on a 22" display you need a better hardware. I am confused that will this device work better with touch support on Windows. It can be optimized for Windows 8. It is recommended that you must test such product before buying.

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