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Thread: Black screen and screen glitches with my Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 OC

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    Black screen and screen glitches with my Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 OC

    I required to play some of the recent games and that required a cool graphics card. My friend suggested to make a purchase of the Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 OC which I thought would be optimal for my purpose. I have all my graphics setting to be normal and 3.2Ghz of processor with 8GB of RAM and 800W Corsair GS800 PSU. So why I don’t know whenever I play same game, I am with some black screen issues as well as with some careen glitches that come across me. According to me, I suppose my system configurations are all enough and have adequate power to run the card . The games will tend to run with some max settings but there will be sudden graphical glitches on my way. My RAM and processor are also working well and I am sure about hem that they are easily able to load the weight of my high graphics game. So where I am missing with . guys please help me out of this situation and I am not able to play any of the games continuously.

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    re: Black screen and screen glitches with my Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 OC

    I suppose that if you are sure with your hardware requirements and know well that the system configurations are enough to play your desired game, you need to first of all check temperatures of your system as that could be the possible reason behind this. As the card getting hotter can be the possible reason. If you are with some vertical lights on the screen then , it is an clear sign of overheating as well as it can also be an energy outage. You also need to check the PSU. I made several tries with uninstallaling the drivers for all graphics cards on my system, and also reinstalled the 6850, but was with same issue. The only modification I made was to make use of MSI Afterburner so that I was able to clock the card down to its standard clock speeds. This worked for a short while but not solve d completely. It was then resolved when I came across the GPU and made some checks. So I need to advise you guys as there could be next possibility that the GPU or even the CPU might not get enough Voltage on peaks as when you will have your activity with intense GPU/VRAM .in addition, you require to attempt using your system as a standard configuration without any overclocking and that could give you a clue regarding your issues.

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    re: Black screen and screen glitches with my Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 OC

    It appears like a failed video card. But you should make sure to get rid of other simple reasons before replacing the card. A graphics card are able to also fail due to inadequate power, overheating, driver inconsistency, RAM issues, in addition to connection issues. To say regarding the power: make sure to be sure that the PCI-e power connectors are correctly plugged into the card. IIRC the 450 makes use of two 8 pin connectors. You also need to then inplug with re-plug these any make sure they are fully seated. make sure your power supply specifications how many total watts you carry and if you can provide with the number of Amps it puts out on the 12 volt. It be supposed to be 22A or more for that card IIRC. Regarding the driver inconsistency, it might occur when both graphics engines are attempting to run at once. a lot of up to date motherboard's BIOS automatically switch off the onboard graphics when a graphics card is noticed in the slot. But you should make sure. Move into safe mode and find the way to the Device Manager and ensure to see if only one or together graphics adapters are exposed.
    If both are shown, select the on-board adapter, and then by right clicking ,disable. If there is no positive outcome , and you can go into your BIOS settings, you might disable the onboard graphics yourself there . In all cases over you want to see if the system will run your existing graphics card without any issue. That can be an overheating issues also which may concern you. Make sure regarding the connections and make some tests regarding the same . they are tested by re-seating the video card being sure it clicks into its slot properly in addition to inspecting the DVI cable connections. RAM problems can be tested just by downloading as well as running for at least 3 passes. In addition, If you are making use of the most recent nVIDIA driver, that could be the difficulty, many people at the forum have had a variety of concerns with the new 280.xx. make use of - Driver Sweeper to eliminate previous graphics driver first, the nVIDIA clean install.

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    re: Black screen and screen glitches with my Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 OC

    Your indications are familiar when there are conflicting drivers. I now took a look and that board has onboard graphics. At present usually a modern MB will switch off the onboard graphics chip when it will tend to detect a graphics card but at times that does not occur. You also need to make sure in Device Manager to observe if it lists 2 graphics adapters. experiment by either disabling the onboard one from Device Manager, or else go into the BIOS settings as well as disable it from there as well as see if it modifies anything. You need to follow some below mentioned steps.
    1. In the BIOS, you need to disable the USB3 controllers.
    2. Then make some changes in the setting such that the BIOS will turn off the on-board display device and if the case is such as if a GPU is detected on the PCI slots
    3. then you will require to install the OS.
    4. After the Win 7 installation completes, then made some installation of the drivers for the motherboard using the provided CD
    5. After the MOBO drivers have been installed, then make an reboot, and then install the nVidia drivers. In addition to this one, I would suggest that during the installation, you do not make use of the "Express" installation settings, but in its place make use of the customised settings in order that the Hi Def Audio Driver can be expelled from the install
    6. open up Device Manager, in addition to under the "Sound, video with game controllers", you will require to right-click as well as disable each of the "High Definition Audio Device", except for "Realtek High Definition Audio".
    7. Then you will require to reboot.

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    re: Black screen and screen glitches with my Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 OC

    I made some attempts with the same.
    1. You suggested to make some memory check , an d I made the same using memtest86+ - but there were no issues.
    2. Attempted with running Driver Sweeper , but each time I ran it , Windows 7 complained as well as gave an error .
    3. Made an uninstallation of all the nVidia drivers by means of the Uninstall programs.
    4. By making use of devcon I removed all the nVidia drivers which were not removed cleanly.
    but it was not solved either.

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    Re: Black screen and screen glitches with my Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 OC

    I was with the same Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 OC and my card worked completely good for around some couple of years then started the trouble I have been having these casual crashes, were the screen would tend to go black in almost certainly some couple of seconds, and then come back to the game, or program I was using. It’s really annoying, sometimes it pop up with the message: Display driver stopped responding and has recovered. My big difficulty is it won’t occur all the time…it occurs sometimes only and I as well switched back to previous drivers such as 186.18 and my difficulty still occurring . I could assume that it could be surely due to over heating??? Will this thing kill my card i am so concerned hope you guys be able to assist me to fix it.

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    Re: Black screen and screen glitches with my Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 OC

    In Device Manager, under graphics adapters, are you finding some options such as any card listed?there are issues regarding the ATI and nVidia based cards about uniformly. It's not similar to one video engine or else its driver is more buggy than the other. Keep in mind that if you are using ATI in addition to nVidia make the graphics chip as well as drivers for it. Other manufacturers make the graphics cards. The concerns with a "bad card" come down to question in the manufacture of the card, not the graphics chip or else the video engine. Some card makers have issues far less than others. If you remove the graphics card furthermore run only on the onboard graphics, does the problem eliminate .

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