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Thread: AMD Catalyst 12.3 display driver

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    AMD Catalyst 12.3 display driver

    I was browsing the official website of AMD to view their latest products and updates. There I found that AMD Catalyst 12.3 display driver was available for updating the drivers. I have AMD Catalyst 12.2 display driver installed in my system and I have no problem with it till now. I am thinking of updating my display drivers to their latest versions. But since it is new and I don’t know anybody personally who use it, I am hesitant about using it. I think that it might have bugs and glitches that might disturb the proper working of my system. Also the graphic card that I am using is not a high end graphic card, so I don’t think that it will be compatible with my graphic card. Can someone who has used this display driver tell me if it is working fine and will not give any errors or major problems after installation? Also I wanted to know what the new features that it has are and that were not present in the old version of display driver?

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    Re: AMD Catalyst 12.3 display driver

    You can use Catalyst Software Suite which includes Display Driver, OpenCL(tm) Driver, AMD Integrated Driver and Catalyst Control Center. This is compatible only with Windows Vista 64-bit and all versions of Windows 7. It is compatible for 22 languages for the system. This new display driver comes with latest AMD CrossFireX updates and support. This update is better for providing the user with knowledge when even the minor update for the graphic card and its display driver is available on the official website. It also has rectified some of the common error s and bugs that were present in some games and were easily noticeable. One of the games is FireFall. In this game, the anti-aliasing feature that was designed does not work properly on AMD graphic cards. The problem was that the system files of the game that were responsible for anti-aliasing would become corrupt when used along with AMD display drivers. Now this problem has been rectified in the latest update. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is another game which has problem with the CrossFireX technology. The problem was that the framerates of this game when used on crossfire mode would drop to a very low number. This problem has been solved in this latest update. In Ridge Racer Unbounded, the textures would start flickering or not get properly rendered on high resolution, this bug to have been rectified in this update. In Stacking, the quality of the graphics has been improved than those were available in previous display driver. In Dirt 3, many files would get corrupt and result in crash of the game when used in CrossFireX mode. This problem too has been solved.

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    Re: AMD Catalyst 12.3 display driver

    I own an ATI Radeon HD 5470 in my Dell XPS 8400 laptop which I use for gaming. I don’t need a high end graphics as I don’t play games regularly. I am using Intel i7-2600 processor with Windows 7 64-bit as my operating system. Recently I started noticing distortion in the black color that was seen on my screen. I asked my friend about it and he said that the graphic drivers must be going corrupt and I needed to update them. So I updated the graphic drivers to the latest AMD Catalyst 12.3 display driver. Now after the update, the problem with the white patches in the black color has been solved in my computer, but now whenever I start my computer, I get a message saying, ‘AMD Device Install’. To investigate what the problem was, I tried starting Catalyst Control Panel. But on starting Catalyst Control Panel, I am getting a message saying, ‘Catalyst Control Center cannot be started. There are currently no settings that can be configured using Catalyst Control Center.’ I don’t know what that message meant or was, but me games worked fine. Now after many restarts later, the message has changed to, ‘AMD Accelerated Video Transcoding Device Initialization’. I never saw these messages before in any other display drivers. It doesn’t make any difference that is noticeable.

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    Re: AMD Catalyst 12.3 display driver

    The message ‘AMD Accelerated Video Transcoding Device Initialization’ is about a new feature that has been introduced by AMD. You can convert the videos from one format to another directly without having to start any application. I don’t know how it works or how much efficient it is but I suppose that you just have to drag the source video at the bottom logo of Catalyst Control Center and it will give you options for format of destination video format. On choosing the format which you have to convert into, the video will be converted and placed in the same folder as the source video. It also has feature to convert the video in some common formats by just right clicking on the video and choosing the desired format to convert. This menu will have some basic and commonly used video formats that can be used without getting options to change it basic settings.

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    Re: AMD Catalyst 12.3 display driver

    I don’t know what the problem is or what its cause is, but whenever I play any YouTube video or any video from video streaming sites, the videos work fine in small screen, that is the default view. But when I maximize the video screen to become full screen, then some random green pixels and patches start to appear. The patches are big enough to be noticed and create a disturbance. It just happens in every video. This problem started after I updated the display drivers of my AMD graphic card to AMD Catalyst 12.3 display driver. This problem was never seen when I used previous version of these graphic drivers. I think that these graphic drivers are incompatible with the version of Adobe Flash Player that I am using currently.

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