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Thread: LCD Monitor "Out of Scan Range" Message

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    LCD Monitor "Out of Scan Range" Message

    I'm trying to connect a digital converter box to an LCD Monitor because I don't have a TV at the moment. I'm getting a message on the monitor that says "Out of scan range. 15.9kHz/ 60Hz." Is there some kind of setting I can change to make this work? Or are the monitor and the converter box just not compatible?

    They are the following model numbers:
    Monitor: SONY SND-M50
    Converter box: RCA DTA800B1


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    Re: LCD Monitor "Out of Scan Range" Message

    Can you try to connect the monitor to BOTH the VGA and the DVI and boot up. Switch your monitor to the VGA input. After the Mac starts up, you should be able to see the monitor as two separate displays in the Monitors control panel. Make sure that the display attached to the DVI port is set to 1280x1024 (On my machine I don't even *see* a refresh rate on the DVI port) and see if you have a working image when you switch the monitor to DVI (It may be best to do this in "mirroring" mode). If you can get it working this way, then you *should* be able to disconnect the VGA and restart with the settings retained.
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