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Thread: The reason behind the why GT 520 is crashing.

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    The reason behind the why GT 520 is crashing.

    I newly purchase a G-force [GT 520] graphics card. I set the card in my computer. I had a lot of problem receiving the drivers to install. I lastly originate an older driver (270.something) that installed and worked the whole thing. Though every time I go to start a video my computer also restarts or freezes. Somewhat else that I've observed is that the fan on the card is at all times going. I'm not confident if it's theoretical to be like that or not. My old graphics card didn't appear to have the fan continuously going. I have doubt if it's a hardware problem or a software problem. Anybody have any idea about that

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    Re: The reason behind the why GT 520 is crashing.

    You can switch off hardware acceleration with media players or flash...see if that helpful. The fresh psu should assist so i would stay for it and then attempt the driver install once more .All electrical substance smell at the beginning. If the smell goes away, then that is a small piece of a weedy card for Metro.

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    Re: The reason behind the why GT 520 is crashing.

    I would observe it for a very few days on the card. And if the smell is quit there later than one day i would send the (psu) back. but bottom ephil is accurate metro is a set for that card. Attempt a less difficult game and if you still have troubles rma the card. perhaps just to make sure have you tried driver [275.33]? it has worked ideal for me because it came out 1 June. i have tried drivers in the [280] sequence and had nil but troubles, just confirm you use driver [sweeper] application when you modify drivers

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    Re: The reason behind the why GT 520 is crashing.

    Check the card out additional and perhaps rma it. Also do you have some electrical examination equipment to observe if the latest psu is faulty and not sending sufficient juice to the card? With the smell that’s what would worry me. When i installed my latest Corsair [AX1200W] psu it had no smell at all and has been running great for months now. Did you test the psu sooner than you installed it? You should always worktable examine them first that way you can observe if it has any issues like smells, smoke, odd noise etc

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